How To Make Maca Coffee: Including ALL The Health Benefits and Side Effects

Since ancient times, maca has been used as a food for various health and medicinal purposes. It’s a Peruvian plant that grows in the Andes mountains. Being a cruciferous tuberous plant, it’s more related to broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale. You are probably like me and heard about the benefits of maca coffee and wondered: how can I make it for myself and what are the side effects?

After conducting vast research, maca coffee has been found as a natural remedy for sexual wellness, especially for men. Although it has various benefits, but some potential side effects are also associated with this.

If you want to know about the secret facts along with the benefits and side effects of maca coffee, you have hit the right spot. This article is overwhelmed with all of such info. So, let’s start by unveiling the overview of maca.


Overview of Maca Coffee

The Maca Plant or Lepidium meyenii is a South American tuber and is often called Peruvian ginseng. As a native plant to the high plateau of the Peruvian Andes, it has been grown for thousands of years and stands among the fewer plants which can survive in severe climate conditions.

Maca Coffee is a substitute for coffee that is made from maca tuber. It comes in powdery form. Actually, it does not contain coffee; however, it is roasted and prepared in a similar way. Thus, it gives a coffee-like texture and flavor.

How to Make Maca Coffee

Do you want to know how to make Maca Coffee? You will really get surprised because it’s super simple and easy to prepare for refreshing morning vibes or energy-boosting nights.

By the way, there’re no as such any restrictions to make it. You can make it either one way or other as you wish. But here, you will get to know a recipe I enjoy prepared with coconut milk.


● Maca Powder (Find Here)→ 1 tsp
● Coffee Powder → 2 tsp
● Brown Sugar → 1 tsp
● Cinnamon → ½ tsp
● Nutmeg → ¼ tsp
● Water → 1 cup
● Coconut Milk → ½ cup
● Vanilla Extract → ½ tsp 
● Ice → 1 cup (if required). 


1. Take a metal pot and pour maca powder, coffee powder, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and water into it.
2. Put the pot on medium flame and stir continuously with a spoon until all the ingredients combine well.
3. As the mixture boiled out, remove the pot from the flame and allow it to cool.
4. Then add vanilla extract and coconut milk, and stir gently (use ice, if you want cold coffee).
5. Now enjoy the maca coffee!☕😋

Apart from this way, you can also add maca powder into your smoothies, juices, and shakes. Moreover, it is used as a whole root in soups and oatmeals as well, exhibiting an earthy taste.

Benefits of Maca Coffee

Maca is assumed as a strong remedy for various health issues, especially for sexual wellness. Usually, it’s widely helped in;

Increasing Libido
● Reducing Erectile Dysfunction
● Boosting Energy & Endurance
● Reducing Menopause Symptoms
● Increasing Fertility
● Reducing Blood Pressure
● Reducing Sun Damage
● Reducing Aging Factor
● Improving Mood
● Fighting Free Radicals
● Improving Learning & Memory


Apart from these maca coffee benefits; its organic nature contains a huge capacity to treat several medical conditions, like;

Anemia, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Cognitive Impairment, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Certain Cancers; Leukaemia, Stomach Cancer, etc, Depression, Hormonal Imbalance in Women, Menstrual Problems, Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal Conditions, Reduced Stamina & Athletic Performance, Stress, Tuberculosis.

Side Effects of Maca Coffee

Being an organic treatment for bulk health problems (both in males & females), maca coffee seems out of any downside. BUT still, there are some side effects of maca coffee that are reported by its proponents. Mainly, these are;


Some Maca users have complained of acne, even after taking a few doses. But this doesn’t remain permanently. The symptoms will disappear as the body balances its hormones.

digestive issues

About 5% of customers have reported cramps in their stomach or other gastric issues by taking Raw Maca. It will happen via starch consumption in Raw Maca. for this, gelatinized Maca will be suitable.

feeling jittery

Some people argue that they feel jittery or weird (like consuming extra coffee) by taking Maca powder. Whereas, Maca only boosts their stamina. Its simple solution is to reduce the dosage.


It’s very rare to cause heartburn by intake of Maca. But if it feels to happen, try to use Red Maca or its Gelatinized form.

iodine allergy & thyroid issues

A couple of the costumers have complained of iodine allergy and some thyroid issues. Though, Maca is a good source of iodine. If any person already has such an allergy, immediately stop consuming Maca.


A few individuals have reported feeling insomnia just taking a single dose of Maca. in order to diminish the symptoms, you can take Maca before 2 pm or reduce its dose.

The major side effects have been discussed as above. However, if any individual has already complained of Cancer (breast, ovarian, or uterine), Endometriosis, or Uterine Fibroids, then Maca is not recommended for that.

Factors Contributing to Potential Side Effects

By the way, it’s not easy to say how maca can exhibit any side effects. However, there are some factors that can contribute to its various drawbacks. Let’s unveil them;

Dosage of Maca: Although, it’s natural food. But might be possible, its large dose can affect someone who is already suffering from some medical conditions.
Form of Maca: It usually comes in powder, capsules, gelatin, and tincture form with varying colors. So, the consumer has to be aware of the impacts of each form.
Maca is Organic or Not: Certain chemicals or pesticides may add to maca which can cause serious health concerns.
Is Maca Fresh: The harvesting season of Maca is June-August and its shelf life is ~2 years. Out-seasoned can be problematic.

Where can you buy maca coffee?

After getting to know the uses, benefits, and side effects of maca coffee, now you must be thinking about “Where can I buy Maca Coffee?” Right!

By the way, you can buy it from a leading super-store in your nearby area. However, various online spots can also assist you in this regard, i.e.,

➢ AliExpress
The Maca Team
Desert Cart
➢ Well Shop
Holland & Barrett
Health Post

You can buy this coffee from these websites and boost your stamina cost-effectively.

The Verdict

In the whole content, you would have gotten to know what Maca is and how can it use. Where you can buy it and the most important thing is that Maca coffee really has some side effects along with various benefits. Hopefully, you’ve got what you want.

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